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2017 – Cannelville Road Bridge

Year ABC Built: 2017
State: OH
Owner: Muskingum County
Location: Rural
Spans: One-span
Beam material: Steel
Max Span Length (ft.): 52.5
Total Bridge Length (ft.): 52.5
Construction Equipment Category: Conventional
ABC Construction Equipment: conventional
State ID Number: Mus-C0007-00.01
NBI Number: SFN - 6036083
39.8044434 | Longitude: -82.0680542

Under Construction

Bridge Description

Project Summary:

SPS deck on press-brake-formed steel tub girder Modular Decked Beams

Project Location:

Cannelville Road over Riders Run Creek in the village of Roseville in Muskingum County, Ohio

Impact Category:

Tier 4 (within 1 month)

Mobility Impact Time:

The superstructure was erected in 20 minutes and bolted together in one day. The bridge was closed a total of 26 days. The impact to the neighboring community was minimal. Fire, EMS, and school systems saved many dollars not having extended use of the 8-mile detour.

Primary Drivers:

reduced onsite construction time – helped maintain essential services while reducing life cycle costs and maintenance cost due to the nature of the watershed


52.5 ft long and 24 ft wide single span

Average Daily Traffic (at time of construction):


Traffic Management (if constructed conventionally):

Conventional construction would have required extended use of the 8-mile detour.

Existing Bridge Description:

The existing 38-ft-long and 22-ft-wide bridge was deteriorated and needed replacement.

Replacement or New Bridge:

Each of the two modular decked beam units weighed 31 tons and had two galvanized Press-Brake-Formed Steel Tub Girders with spray metallized Sandwich Plate System (SPS) deck panels, complete with bridge railing, for a projected 100-year service life. Advantages of this innovative superstructure include prefabrication and weight savings that allowed the rapid onsite installation, and reduced section depth due to the thin SPS decks and structurally efficient girder cross section.

Construction Method:

The bridge roadway was closed and all traffic was re-routed to an 8-mile-long detour. Standard construction methods were used for the substructure (cast-in-place concrete footer and abutments). The superstructure was prefabricated offsite and delivered to the jobsite on two flatbed trailers. The half-width modules were erected in 20 minutes and bolted together in one day, followed by application of the waterproof membrane and asphalt overlay. After setting the superstructure, the road was opened to traffic less than 10 days later. The bridge was replaced in a total of 26 days, ahead of the 30-day maximum allowed closure.

Stakeholder Feedback:

Because this structure was a “one-off” structure, the design was cumbersome since there were no standard ODOT drawings to reference.

High Performance Material:

SPS deck panels; press-brake-formed steel tub girders

Project Planning

Decision Making Tools:
Site Procurement:
Project Delivery:

Geotechnical Solutions

Foundations & Walls:
Rapid Embankment:

Structural Solutions

Prefabricated Bridge Elements: Orthotropic deck - SPS (Sandwich Plate System); MDhBs (Modular hybrid-Decked steel Beam - SPS deck on press-brake-formed tub girders)
Prefabricated Bridge Systems:
Miscellaneous Prefabricated:

Costs & Funding

Funding Source:

Incentive Program:

2016 AID Demonstration (Accelerated Innovation Deployment Demonstration) grant

Additional Information

September 2017 ABC-UTC Monthly Webinar

ABC-UTC Website/Resources/Implemented Advanced Technologies: Sandwich Plate System (SPS)

Downloadable Resources

Contract Plans:

View 2017-10-19121559.pdf


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Photo Credits:

Muskingum County; Greg Michaelson of Marshall University; US Bridge; SPS North America


Doug Davis, P.E.,P.S.
County Engineer
Muskingum County

Robert Maier, P.E.
SPS North America Holdings Ltd

Muskingum County
Douglas Davis P.E.,P.S.
County Engineer

Fabricator of Modular Decked Beams:
US Bridge

Art Rogyvin, Owner
US Bridge