A Pilot Case Study to Evaluate the Potential Impact and Benefit of Adopting and Implementing BIM on Bridge and Infrastructure Projects

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    In recent years, Building Information Modeling (BIM) has become an important process in the vertical construction of buildings. Significant improvements in productivity, quality, and safety, as well as cost savings have been realized and are well documented. In contrast, the adoption of BIM in the horizontal world of civil engineering and construction is relatively new and unexamined. There exists significant need for research that explores and evaluates the potential impacts and benefits of implementing BIM on real-world infrastructure projects. Across the United States, there is enormous requirement for infrastructure improvements.Transition to digitally-based collaborative processes is critical to address such need. However, various departments of transportation (DOTs) and regional transportation authorities are struggling to understand and evaluate the scope and implications of such a transition. McGrawHill in their 2012 report entitled, "Business Value of BIM for Infrastructure,"states that 67% of current users of BIM for infrastructure projects report a positive return-oninvestment. The proposed research will seek to inform Mountain Plains Consortium (MPC) DOTs about such opportunities. The study will examine a case study of bridge construction to be performed on the I-225 light rail line starting in 2013 in Denver, Colorado. Kiewit is the general contractor for the project and will be implementing BIM to facilitate construction.Once case study data is collected, the next step of research will be to extrapolate and extend the findings of implementing BIM to a broader, regional scale. Such research is critical to Mountain Plains Consortium (MPC) DOTs as they develop policies and procedures for the imminent transition to BIM as related to the construction, operation, and maintenance of their infrastructure.

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    Bridge construction; Data collection; Evaluation and assessment; Implementation; Infrastructure; Pilot studies; Quality of work, Infrastructure, BIM, Performance Metrics

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Budget and Timeline

  • Budget (USD): $60000.00
  • Project length: 14 months
  • Start date: 2013-01-01
  • Completion date: 2014-04-01

Primary Sponsor

Research and Innovative Technology Administration (RITA)
Office of Research, Development, and Technology
1200 New Jersey Avenue SE
Washington, DC, District of Columbia 20590, USA

Secondary Sponsor

Mountain-Plains Consortium
P.O. Box 5074
430 IACC Building
Fargo, 35 58105

Primary Performing Organization

Colorado State University
291 W Laurel St
Fort Collins, Colorado 80521 USA

Principal Investigator
Caroline Clevenger
Assistant Professor
Phone: 970-491-7963

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RITA, Mountain Plains Consort.; Start 1/2013, Complete 3/2016 12/2013. Final Report expected in 4/2014. PI email: