Wrights Corners Bridge

  • Year ABC Built: 2016
  • State: Pennsylvania
  • Owner: State
  • Location: Rural
  • Spans: One-span
  • Beam Material: Steel
  • Max Span Length (ft.): 45.00
  • Total Bridge Length (ft.): 49.00
  • Construction Equipment: Conventional
  • State ID #: 42101500100472
  • NBI #: 53529
  • Coordinates:     Latitude: 41.9248047, Longitude: -78.4942093
  • Bridge Description

  • Project Summary: The project was the first "commercial" use of the Folded Steel Plate Girder System (FSPGS), an ABC prefabricated superstructure element. The superstructure for this 49-ft bridge was erected in 3 hours. The project was one of the bridges being replaced by a P3 under the PA Rapid Bridge Replacement Project. It was one of many bridges with 35-day-max closures due to detour length. This bridge was replaced in 30 days. A second FSPGS bridge was constructed two weeks after this and five others are to be built in 2017.
  • Project Location: State Route 1015 over North Branch Cole Creek near State Route 46 near the city of Bradford in McKean County
  • Mobility Impact Time: Actual closure was 30 days, compared to the contractor's estimate of 75 days using conventional construction.
  • Impact Category: Tier 4 (within 1 month)
  • Primary Drivers:

    Reduced traffic impacts - from detour; reduced onsite construction time

  • Dimensions: 49-ft-long and 34.5-ft-wide single-span MDcBs (Folded Steel Plate Girder System - FSPGS) bridge; 0º skew
  • Average Daily Traffic (at time of construction): 331
  • Traffic Management: Extended use of 14-mile detour if constructed conventionally.
  • Existing Bridge Description:

    The existing single-span steel I-beam bridge was 33-ft long and 31-ft wide with spread footing on soil. It had two 12-ft-wide traffic lanes and two 2-ft-wide shoulders. Built in 1941, the bridge was deteriorated and required replacement.

  • Replacement or New Bridge:

    The replacement bridge has two 12-ft-wide traffic lanes and two 4-ft-wide shoulders. The cross-section consists of four 2-ft-deep Folded Steel Plate Girder modular decked beam elements spaced at 9.5-ft with a 7.5-inch-thick precast 4,000 psi reinforced concrete deck. Decks of the two outside elements were precast complete with railing. Integral abutments were used.

  • Construction Method:

    The existing bridge was demolished and abutments constructed by the contractor. Concurrently, the Folded Steel Plate Girder modular decked beam elements were fabricated offsite. The modular decked beams were then delivered by truck to the construction site on the day required by the [on site] contractor, who installed the four elements in three hours. Following installation, the contractor made three longitudinal closure pours and the concrete end diaphragm closure pour. Approach roadway paving completed the project.

    The maximum allowable bridge closure was 35 days due to detour length. Using the Folded Steel Plate Girder modular decked beam elements, the actual closure was 30 days. The contractor had estimated a closure of 75 days using conventional construction methods. The contractor received no incentive for the early delivery; however, a $4100/day liquidated damages provision was in place and avoided by the early completion.

    During the project, weekly production conference calls were held, and detailed fabrication/delivery status reports were provided.

  • Stakeholder Feedback:

    During planning, collaboration between CDR, HDR, and Walsh/Granite JV resulted in the addition of forming tabs for the concrete end diaphragm. Threaded concrete inserts were included on the bottom of the deck panels to facilitate forming for the longitudinal closure pours. Alterations to future abutment reinforcing were noted to facilitate installation of the exterior girder elements. The change reduced installation time from 3 hours on this bridge to 2 ½ hours on the next installation.

  • High Performance Material:

    Hot-dip galvanized steel girders for corrosion protection; 4 ksi accelerated concrete closure pours; ¾” polyester polymer concrete overlay

  • Project Planning

  • Decision Making Tools: (none)
  • Site Procurement: (none)
  • Project Delivery: Public-Private Partnership (P3)
  • Contracting: (none)
  • Geotechnical Solutions

  • Foundations & Walls: (none)
  • Rapid Embankment: (none)
  • Structural Solutions

  • Prefabricated Bridge Elements: MDcBs (Modular concrete-Decked steel Beam) - Folded Steel Plate Girder System (FSPGS)
  • Prefabricated Bridge Systems: (none)
  • Miscellaneous Prefabricated: CIP reinforced concrete closure joints, prefabricated railing, polyester polymer concrete overlay
  • ABC Construction Equipment: conventional
  • Cost & Funding

  • Costs: (none)
  • Funding Source: Other
  • Incentive Program: (none)
  • Additional Information

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Photo Credits: CDR Bridge Systems LLC



Owner: Thomas P. Macioce, P.E.
Chief Bridge Engineer
Pennsylvania Department of Transportation

Suppliers: Thomas Stockhausen
CDR Bridge Systems LLC
Products Provided: :Folded Steel Plate Girders

Contractor: Mike Heiple, P.E.
Project Manager - Central
Walsh Granite Joint Venture

Subcontractors: Mike Heiple, P.E.
Project Manager - Central
Walsh Granite Joint Venture
Services Provided: : Concessionaire

Submitter: Thomas Stockhausen
CDR Bridge Systems LLC