2001 - Illinois Route 29 Bridge over Sugar Creek

  • Year ABC Built: 2001
  • State: Illinois
  • Owner: State
  • Location: Rural
  • Spans: > Three-span
  • Beam Material: Steel
  • Max Span Length (ft.): 50.00
  • Total Bridge Length (ft.): 253.10
  • Construction Equipment:
  • State ID #: 084-0039 (EB) & 084-0040 (WB)
  • NBI #:
  • Coordinates:     Latitude: 39.7804375, Longitude: -89.5897446
  • Bridge Description

  • Project Summary:
  • Project Location: 1 mile east of Springfield, in Sangamon County
  • Mobility Impact Time:
  • Impact Category: Tier 5 (within 3 months)
  • Primary Drivers:

    reduced onsite construction time; reduced traffic impacts

  • Dimensions: Two adjacent bridges: (1) 253.1-ft long and 37.4-ft wide five-span eastbound bridge; (2) 251.0-ft long, 37.4-ft wide four-span westbound bridge
  • Average Daily Traffic (at time of construction): 8650
  • Traffic Management: Traffic management alternative, if constructed conventionally: not available
  • Existing Bridge Description: The two adjacent four-span continuous steel superstructures on stub abutments and solid stem piers on steel piles were built in 1961. Their reinforced concrete decks were deteriorated and required replacement.
  • Replacement or New Bridge:
  • Construction Method: The existing decks of the two adjacent bridges were removed and replaced with full-depth precast post-tensioned concrete deck panels. The 7.5-inch thick, full-width precast concrete deck panels had a concrete strength of 5000 psi and were typically 7.6 - 8.2 ft long. The eastbound bridge was re-decked with 29 panels, and the westbound bridge with 31 panels. The existing steel beams were reused and made composite with the panels. Shear keys were cast between the panels, and the panels were post-tensioned longitudinally with 1-in-diameter high-strength steel bars at 18-inch centers.
  • Stakeholder Feedback: (none)
  • High Performance Material: (none)
  • Project Planning

  • Decision Making Tools: (none)
  • Site Procurement: (none)
  • Project Delivery: Design-bid-build
  • Contracting: (none)
  • Geotechnical Solutions

  • Foundations & Walls: (none)
  • Rapid Embankment: (none)
  • Structural Solutions

  • Prefabricated Bridge Elements: Full-depth precast deck panel w/PT
  • Prefabricated Bridge Systems: (none)
  • Miscellaneous Prefabricated: CIP reinforced concrete closure joints; Standard concrete overlay
  • ABC Construction Equipment: The low bid for bridge pay items was $1.08 million, and the total contract was $6.77 million including roadwork and two additional bridges built with conventional decks. Cost was $57 per sq ft of bridge deck area, compared to the average re-decking cost at that time of $35 per sq ft. The additional costs can be attributed to first use; the Illinois DOT believes those costs will go down with increased usage and contractors becoming more accustomed to this type of work.
  • Cost & Funding

  • Costs: (none)
  • Funding Source: Other
  • Incentive Program: (none)
  • Additional Information

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Photo Credits: Illinois Department of Transportation



Owner: Carl Puzey, P.E.
Bureau Chief of Bridges and Structures
Illinois Department of Transportation

Bridge Description Summary Sheet: