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P1-CA-Hardscrabble Move 003.jpg
P2-CA-Hardscrabble Move 016.jpg
PA1-CA-Hardscrabble Move 021.jpg
PA2-CA-Hardscrabble Move 070.jpg
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2008 - Hardscrabble Creek Bridge

  • Year ABC Built: 2008
  • State: California
  • Owner: State
  • Location: Rural
  • Spans: One-span
  • Beam Material: Concrete
  • Max Span Length (ft.): 133.50
  • Total Bridge Length (ft.): 133.50
  • Construction Equipment: Lateral Slide
  • State ID #: 01-0040
  • NBI #:
  • Coordinates:     Latitude: 41.8391418, Longitude: -124.0258789
  • Bridge Description

  • Project Summary:
  • Project Location: US 199 over Hardscrabble Creek between Hiouchi and Gasquet in Del Norte County
  • Mobility Impact Time: ABC: 8 hours; Conventional: 3 months
  • Impact Category: Tier 1 (within 1 day)
  • Primary Drivers:

    reduced onsite construction time (reduce construction from 2 seasons to 1 season)

  • Dimensions: 133.5-ft-long and 43-ft-wide single-span prestressed multi-cell box girder bridge; 900-ton lateral slide
  • Average Daily Traffic (at time of construction): 2900
  • Traffic Management: Traffic management alternative: If constructed conventionally the bridge would have been replaced in 2 stages over 2 seasons.
  • Existing Bridge Description: The existing bridge was a 120 ft long and 28 ft wide cast-in-place reinforced concrete T-girder that was determined to be functionally obsolete. The existing structure was built in 1929.
  • Replacement or New Bridge: The replacement bridge has two 12-ft-wide traffic lanes and two 8-ft-wide shoulders. The cross-section consists of a prestressed concrete multi-cell box girder that was cast next to the final alignment and slid into place to be supported on steel reinforced elastomeric bearing pads.
  • Construction Method: The new bridge superstructure was built conventionally on temporary abutments next to and just upstream of the existing bridge. After completion of the new bridge superstructure, traffic was shifted onto it. The old bridge was then demolished, and concrete abutments were constructed on the existing alignment. Drilled pile foundation was changed to spread footing to speed up construction.The contractor closed the bridge on a Monday night. The new bridge superstructure was jacked up and slid approximately 48 feet into place on the new abutments. The lateral slide took 8 hours. Jacking loads were applied simultaneously to prevent distortion and excessive stresses that would damage the structure.The specifications allowed for 230 working days with liquidated damages of $2,500 per day. Work within the stream bed was restricted to the period between June15 to October 15. Full road closure allowed for a maximum of 8 hours.
  • Stakeholder Feedback:

    This is the fourth bridge in California built using the jack-and-slide method. The method saves time and lowers construction costs.

    Bridge jacking operations may benefit from pre-qualified sub-contractors performing this phase of the work.

    Unique operations require special skills.

  • High Performance Material: (none)
  • Project Planning

  • Decision Making Tools: (none)
  • Site Procurement: (none)
  • Project Delivery: Design-bid-build
  • Contracting: Full lane closure
  • Geotechnical Solutions

  • Foundations & Walls: (none)
  • Rapid Embankment: (none)
  • Structural Solutions

  • Prefabricated Bridge Elements: (none)
  • Prefabricated Bridge Systems: Prestressed multi-cell box girder span
  • Miscellaneous Prefabricated: (none)
  • ABC Construction Equipment: Lateral slide w/pad (skids)
  • Cost & Funding

  • Costs: The engineer’s estimate for the project was $3.53 million. The low bid was $2.30 million (35% lower than engineer’s estimate). There were three bidders. The cost per square foot of bridge was $226 per sq ft compared to $179 per sq ft for conventional construction in this region in 2007 (project was bid in 2007 and built in 2008).
  • Funding Source: Federal and State
  • Incentive Program: (none)
  • Additional Information

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Photo Credits: California Department of Transportation



Owner: Gudmun Setberg, P.E.
Structure Project Engineer
California Department of Transportation

Bridge Description Summary Sheet: